Supply Chain Solutions

Proactive 4 SCM Solutions help you gain 360° view of your suppliers!

Achieving a healthy level of collaboration, visibility and traceability with suppliers is essential for gaining end to end po visibility and a critical factor to stop constantly chasing products, pasts dues, suppliers and line stoppages.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions

  • Supplier Portal - Our Supplier Portal solution is a practical and efficient tool that provides complete and accurate information on active orders, prices, characteristics, quantity, lots, destination, shipments, estimated delivery time, and delivery confirmations to give more visibility to your suppliers. It provides a secure and efficient online environment which increases supplier participation rates and information sharing.
    The Proactive 4 Supplier portal allows Supply chain teams to have a personalized experience tailored to their demands and needs. Through our PO life cycle solution, suppliers can confirm deliveries of their orders or report if they cannot meet the estimated delivery time, and update a new date. The software offers intelligent responses, indicating whether the delivery is still on hold or has already been shipped , the the tracking number, quantity shipped, the estimated arrival date, and sends email notifications.
  • Manufacturing Collaboration - Get the most out of your suppliers' data through intelligent manufacturing collaboration, which processes, synchronizes, and synthesizes information to closely track problems in the suppliers' manufacturing process. The Proactive 4 manufacturing collaboration tools provide continuous updates on WIP, stock levels, manufacturing routings and first article parts. Continuous monitoring of supply chain and supplier operations provides early predictions of OTD problems to avoid production line downtime. In addition, it allows immediate attention to be focused on the parts and suppliers that need it.
  • Digitally Enabled Shipping - The Proactive 4 supplier portal enables real-time end-to-end digital visibility to the supplier's shipment process. The system provides suppliers the capability to manage the shipment paperwork and create shipment barcodes, update AWB#/bill of lading, upload invoices, COC and FAI's, and any other shipping documents for each purchase order line. The barcode meets the incoming receiving dock barcode reader and populates the customer ERP automatically with all required shipment data. During transit, The Proactive 4 Tracking solution enables you to see your supply chain in its entirety, regardless of where and with whom your shipments are. The system connects automatically to the courier site and verifies the delivery location and registers the delivery location and automatically notifies buyer/administrators concerning problems in the delivery process (such as delays by customs).
  • Big Data Analytics - Get a deeper view of your suppliers' lifecycle and performance, synchronize data from various systems by networking with your suppliers, and create consistent and efficient workflows through big data analytics. Proactive 4 Big Data Analytics enables a complete visualization of the supply base to improve the quality of work. It closes the communication gap by unifying internal and external information on operations and transactions and updates results quickly and in real-time. This innovative solution helps to create a proactive organizational process, and reduce costs and time. It also maximizes quality, flexibility, and sustainability.
  • Suppliers Risk management - The Proactive 4 supplier risk management framework offers increased levels of control over your suppliers performance. From financial and geo political risk scores, on-line and collaborative score cards for on-time delivery and quality performance monitoring and sharing with your suppliers to the use of predictive algorithms that ensure in-depth performance analysis that indicates delivery problems up to 90 days ahead.