About Us


Proactive mission is to provide a supply chain management suite which enables customer's across a variety of industrial sectors to access SCM disciplines and meet the management challenge of wide continual business process improvement.

We have developed Proactive 4 to meet the need for a supply chain management suite that can be rapidly and easily deployed and maintained in an affordable price range, which meets all budgets, and helps achieve efficiency and effective of an organization's business processes leading to continually improved performance.


Proactive 4 SCM Ltd was founded in 2010 by two leading Israeli software companies. Intentia and Togather Internet Systems.

Intentia Israel specializes in the implementation of full-scale M3 ERP projects. The company represents Infor, the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services in the world, throughout Israel and abroad. The company as a proven record of more than 140 ERP projects and implementations around the globe including locations in the US, China, Chile, Romania, Spain, Luxemburg, France, and more.

Intentia Israel won the Infor award for excellence and professionalism for two consecutive years, giving them 'Partner Platinum' status. This prestigious award recognizes the company's achievements in service, implementation and customer relationships. Intentia Israel has a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget, while managing complex ERP implementations across the entire project lifecycle.

The company staff of 70 ERP specialists are well trained Industrial engineers with wide experience in ERP Characterization, implementation and customer service throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Intentia Israel offers proven advantages for ERP projects in the Industrial and Trade sectors, using ground-breaking technology and years of experience allowing its customers to be leaders in their operation fields.

Togather Internet Systems Ltd. was founded in 2005 by leading Israeli manufacturing and software professionals with a goal to offer Supply Chain management (SCM) teams a web application for facilitating collaboration, interaction and visibility within the supply chain.

Togather, with its world class group of designers and Programmers, as developed Alltogather, an All-in-One multilingual Communication, content and collaboration (CCC) SCM community Web application.

Proactive 4 SCM Ltd management team has extensive knowledge and experience of BPM, SCM , ERP and information systems within a commercial environment.

Our experienced product development team is always seeking to deliver innovative product features that respond to the needs of our customers and the supply chain management market place.