Customer Success Stories

Proactive 4 Intelligent Solutions For Success!

Learn about our customers' stories and how using Proactive 4 suppliers' collaboration tools helped them gain leadership, innovation, and achieve their business goals

CASE STUDY #1 - International Aerospace Manufacturer

  • PRE-ANALYSIS: In December 2019 Proactive 4 team tracked in a 30 days period of characterization and setup with the Customer procurement and IT teams. Based on the information gathered, the Proactive 4 system was adjusted to easily, quickly, and securely manage suppliers collaboration per the customer unique needs
  • CALL TO SUPPLIERS: A call to suppliers was made, and a support team was integrated to provide tutorials on using the suppliers portal.
  • KICK-OFF: By January 2020, delivery optimization led to more than 100 of its leading suppliers using the portal. Each company's supplier portal currently reaches over 270 suppliers with a participation level of over 75% in each case.

    • * Synchronized the flow of information the procurement team and suppliers
    • * Established a 24/7 direct interaction bridge with suppliers.
    • * Automated the PO life cycle management. The system indicates delivery dates, receive confirmation, and see the order's status if it has been shipped or not.
    • * They avoid errors in orders since, by its configuration, the system issues an alert in case of the date, lot, quantity, or other errors.
    • * Personalized the reception and delivery of shipments with the creation of unique bar codes. In addition, it establishes a color-coded labeling system that allows knowing the delivery status (early, delayed, on hold, canceled, or overdue).
    • * The innovative machine learning algorithm predicts delivery delays of up to three months and pinpoints problems in advance.
  • CASE STUDY #2 - International Industrial Manufacturer

  • VISION EXPANSION: An American company dedicated to manufacturing industrial, space, and defense systems, with more than 1200 employees and locations in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, needed a more comprehensive, efficient, and up-to-date communication portal for its operations.

    • *The company needed greater visibility of its PO life cycle.
    • *It needed to integrate data from all the supply chains of the different industry divisions into one Big Data.
    • *It wanted to evaluate and predict supplier performance and ability to determine delivery dates.
    • *It needed a direct and up-to-date flow of information from the suppliers' workflow.

  • TAILORED SOLUTIONS: The Proactive 4 expert team assessed and designed holistic system, which matched the company's requirements and needs for efficient performance. The preparation of staff and suppliers took place over one month, with favorable results from the first days.

  • SUPPLIERS PARTICIPATION: The supplier portal is currently used by more than 75% of the company suppliers, which has reduced the time and cost of operations.

    • *It optimizes management and control of relationships with suppliers.
    • *It provides real-time monitoring and tracking of orders and open purchases.
    • *It updates information about manufacturing routes, lot status, WIP of each item.
    • *It provides accurate knowledge of inventory levels.
    • *It automatically sends shipment documentation and delivery confirmation between suppliers.
    • *It synchronizes and storage data generated in operations and transactions in a single portal.
    • *It simplifies communication methods, with daily notifications on the progress of operations.
    • *The portal scores suppliers' performance to indicate their level of participation and collaboration.