Partner Program - Supply Your Customers Needs

Proactive 4 is a technological infrastructure and application environment, which enables organizations to easily develop and manage processes and methodologies.

Proactive 4 offers you to open a whole new world of process management to your clients. Our unique system allows you to deliver unmatched services and offer great value.

WIIFY (What's In It For You)

  • Methodology - Intuitively reflect customers business methodology and industry best practices.
  • Customize - present your customers with custom-made and codeless solutions for their needs.
  • Innovate - Be ahead of the pack, by delivering innovative applications with cutting edge technology solution.
  • Expertise - Implement a wide range of professional solutions to meet with every customer's needs.
  • Profit - Increase revenues and profitability by offering a wide range of services, from characterization and development, through implementation and deployment, to training and support.
  • Development and Implementation Made Easy

    The Proactive 4 is a development and implementation environment that allows you to create proactive applications, with specific characterization and come-outs according to the client needs, all without the knowledge or understanding of programming code.

    The Proactive 4 Workspace contains a variation of tools allowing rapid construction of multi - layered Work Flows Applications by a simple point & click system.

  • To-do / decisions tasks.
  • User's Responsibility and task completion duration.
  • Gathering / updating data from different systems and layers.
  • Creation of complex web forms.
  • Escalation processes.
  • Automatic email delivery and warning flags according to scenarios and schedules.
  • Setting up and managing workspaces (departments, external partners) and user privileges.
  • Synchronization, data transparency and information flow with outside parties (suppliers, customers), while implementing the proactive model to external partners.
  • The Proactive Tool Box

    The Proactive 4 developmental environment tool box features a complete solution for comprehensive and easy implementation to every challenge or need you present.

  • Work Flow Generator - Work Flow Designer, SQL Editor, Web Service Editor, Alerts Engine, Escalation engine.
  • Web Forms Designer - Forms Designer, Fieldsets Designer, Tables Designer, Controls Designer, Connect to work flow.
  • Built In Portals - Web based portals (Internal, Partners, Work Flows approvals), Display and archive tacit interaction data layer from forms, files, mails, Create work groups and manage users, Administration tools.