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PO life cycle visibility

Achieve complete access and real-time tracking of supplier PO life cycle POs and continuous interaction to know the progress of orders and avoid delivery delays.

On-Time Delivery Risk Management

Reduces the risk of late deliveries with an intelligent prediction algorithm that detects problems in advance.

Manufacturing collaboration

Ensures continuous and up-to-date tracking of WIP, stock levels, and immediate information on the entire manufacturing process from suppliers to avoid running out of parts supply.

Big Data Analytics

Gain in-depth analysis of the supplier work cycle, detect and intelligently address pain points, irregularities, and inconsistencies in the supply chain.

Supplier Collaboration management

Ensure a direct communication mechanism with suppliers, share as much information about process and production lines, and anticipate potential shutdowns.

B2B integration

Leverage the benefits of the ERP system and your infrastructure, connect to the PROACTIVE 4 SCM platform to automate communication and processes with suppliers.

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